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Everybody knows those peak times when you need an extra IT developer or IT support resource. People get sick, projects unexpectedly overlap, or you just need some extra IT help from time to time.

Here is where you can find someone who is an experienced programmer and IT support guy in the Coffs Harbour region, who is reliable, experienced, available and affordable.

Web Development

As an experienced and professional developer I

  • employ best practices
  • am experienced in numerous technologies
  • pick up new technologies easily
  • adapt to the coding standards and practices of the teams that I join

Dream Project

My dream project is made up of 4 parts:

  • The Team

    An Agile team with product owner and end user representation, and a dev team of about 4 cross skilled professionals. A team of four is small enough to facilitate work sharing yet large enough to maintain progress even if team members are away.
  • Project management and practices

    Lean Startup, Agile practices, DevOps.
  • Architecture

    Cloud hosted solutions with a backend composed of microservices, an SQL database and a HTML 5 frontend with local storage ala redux.js.
  • Technologies

    Java or Expressjs microservices with an SQL database, with Openid Connect for authenication, OAuth2 for authorisation and Angular2 for the frontend. Automated database migrations with SQL migration files in the code repository ala Liqibase.